Skype Headset Reviews

Skype headset

Hello, if you are reading this then you are probably on the hunt for a computer headset to make calls using Skype (or one of the many other VoIP providers), but are confused by the vast choice of models available, and the vast difference between the headsets and prices.

Skype-headset-reviews was set up to give you an independent review of all the many and often baffling range of headsets that are available to use for VoIP calls.

We have taken a range of Skype headsets from £15 to £80 and tested them all for you. Read our reviews, check our comparison chart, and hopefully it will help you decide which Skype headset is best for you. To begin with we have only reviewed the Plantronics range of headsets. Plantronics are the recommend headset provider of Skype. We will be adding new headsets to the list in the future.

What is Skype?

Skype allows people to make calls over the internet. The basic service allows Skype users to call other Skype users. To become a Skype user, you just need to download the Skype software free-of-charge from The Skype service itself is completely free, so the user pays only for their internet usage, which is often free - in which case they can make free international phone calls!

To use Skype, the customer needs a device and an internet connection:


The user obviously needs a device to make the calls. The device can be...
  • A computer (desktop or laptop).
  • A smartphone that runs Windows Pocket PC operating system.
  • A fancy telephone that has VoIP compatibility.

And an internet connection:

The user's internet connection can be...
  • Broadband, in which case they will not pay anything extra for the calls.
  • Dial-up, in which they may or may not have a per-minute charge, depending on the service plan they are on.
  • A Wi-Fi hotspot (available in many public places - for example in most Starbucks cafes) in which case they will pay whatever Starbucks charges, which may be an hourly, daily or monthly fixed charge. Note that GPRS cannot be used because its uplink speed is not fast enough.


The problem with the basic Skype service is that the user can only call other Skype users. SkypeOut is a service that allows users to call normal telephones. Skype charges on a per-minute basis for this service. The service just uses a switch (like Globalphone's) to terminate the calls. For more information, visit the SkypeOut section, at


SkypeIn is just SkypeOut in reverse. It allows calls to be made from normal phones to Skype users. To do this, the Skype user is given a "normal" telephone number. Calls to this number are routed to the Skype user. For more information, visit the SkypeIn section, at