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Oh, you don't want to hear about us, let's talk about you instead... have you lost weight?

No, ok, how about this...

Skype-headset-reviews was founded in 1976 as the result of glass ceiling thinking by an ad hoc focus group of industry commentators looking to create a portal of B2B, B2C, C2B and R2D2 platforms, whereby knowledge could be converted into a transferable cerebral currency for the benefit of symbiotic harmony and the promotion of parlance across the internet via the medium of plastic headsets.

Only joking, Skype-Headsets-Reviews are really the militant wing of the Somerset Cider Association and are engaged in covert operations across the whole of the West Country, even as far north as Tewkesbury, but not as far as Evesham.

It is all getting a bit like the boy who cried wolf here, but the real truth is that Skype-headset-reviews was set up to give you an independent review of all the many and often baffling range of headsets that are available to use for VoIP calls, plus anything else we find of interest from the world of Skype and its many competitors. [The Skype Owl is not a registered trademark, so please don't steal it]