Skype Headset Reviews

Skype Glossary

Short for asymmetric digital subscriber line, a new technology that allows more data to be sent over existing copper telephone lines.

A term for high-speed, high-capacity Internet and data connections.

Plug and Play
Many computer add-ons that use USB ports, like computer headsets, are called plug and play. This term refers to the fact that when you plug the USB connector into your computer it quickly installs the necessary software to use it.

Short for universal serial bus, it is a means of connecting things with a USB connector to your computer via a USB port, such as USB headsets or USB phones.

USB headset
A headset designed to work with your computer and is plugged in via a USB port.

USB handset/phone
A telephone handset that plugs directly into your computer via a USB port.

A popular and easy to use program that allows you to make free calls over the internet to any other computer that has the program in the world. It also allows you to call normal phones from the internet for a small charge.

Skype Chat
Skype also allows you to send chat by typing messages to people, as well as being able to call them.


SkypeIn is just SkypeOut in reverse. It allows calls to be made from normal phones to Skype users. To do this, the Skype user is given a "normal" telephone number. Calls to this number are routed to the Skype user. For more information, visit the SkypeIn section, at

The problem with the basic Skype service is that the user can only call other Skype users. SkypeOut is a service that allows users to call normal telephones. Skype charges on a per-minute basis for this service. The service just uses a switch to terminate the calls. For more information, visit the SkypeOut section, at

Skype Video Calling
Skype 2.0, the latest upgrade, is developing video calling, which will essentially by a videoconference facility. It will only be available to those who use Windows XP initially though. Visit for more details.

Skype Voicemail
With Skype Voicemail you will be able to send recorded messages to friends, so you donít have to disturb them, or if they are not online at the time.

Voip is short for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is a long-winded name for the software used to make calls over the Internet.